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Meadowbrook Equestrian Center

(530) 672-2440

Rates & Services

In an effort to accommodate everyone and the different feeding needs of each horse we are offering every kind of feed available to us. As most of you know the cost of feed varies depending on the type you buy. For this reason we now have a set price for board and a set price for each type of feed. To determine what your board fee will be add the set board fee with the feed type you choose. For example if you want your horse to be fed alfalfa ($65) in a paddock ($200) your monthly board fee would be $265.00.

Choose your location:

□         32' x 80' Shared Paddock: $200.00 per month

Board fee includes: Board and every other day paddock cleaning (everyday if needed)

□        12' x 20' fully covered open stall in shedrow barn: $250.00 per month

Board fee includes: Board, daily cleaning, graining with your grain and turnout. Shavings are an additional charge. See below for details

□        16' x 20' partially covered (front 10' x 16' covered, back 10' x 16' is uncovered) open stall in mare motel: $300.00 per month

Board fee includes: Board, daily cleaning, graining with your grain and turnout. Shavings are an additional charge. See below for details

Choose your Feed:

(Prices below reflect my cost from the feed store. Price includes 1 flake in the morning and 1 flake in the evening, if your horse requires more than that there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the extra feed which is also based on the feed store prices.)

□        Alfalfa: $65.00 per month

□        Triple Mix: $80.00 per month

□        Orchard Grass: $90.00 per month

□        Timothy Grass: $105.00 per month

□        Stable Mix: $100.00 per month

□        Senior Stable Mix: $120.00 per month

□        Alf/Grass: $85.00 per month

□        Alf/Triple Mix: $80.00 per month

□        Grass/Triple Mix: $85.00 per month

□        ½ Regular Grass & ½ Stable Mix: $105.00 per month

Paddocks will have 2 horses in each area but the horses will be matched to ensure they get along well. If your horse has food aggression or is very alpha it may be safer for everyone if your horse is in its own 12' x 20' or 16' x 20' area.

We do not offer box stalls as I do not think it is healthy or natural for them to be in a small dark box. All of our stalls are very open and airy so the breeze and sunshine can flow thru the stalls; it makes for a much happier horse! See Facility photos

Please call for availability.


1 bag per week

$40.00 Month

Graining w/supplements

**you provide we feed**

(Paddock horses)

Service is FREE for stalled horses

$30.00 Month

Blanketing AM & PM

$50.00 Month

 Holding fee for vet or farriers

$10.00 Each service

Worming (we provide)

$25.00 Month

Trailer Parking

(you must provide proof of ins.)

$25.00 Month 

Turnout of stalled horses

I personally feel it is important for horses be able to run and play, stalled horses in particular. For this reason I will turn horses out a minimum of 3 days a week for free.

If you want your horse turned out on a regular basis 7 days a week I charge an additional 30.00 per month.

The horses are turned out in 1 of 3 places; roundpen, arena or a paddock if available.